Will the Kosovar society accept the ISIS returnees?

Since 2011 when the conflict in Syria began, which then turned into one of the bloodiest wars in modern history, more than 300 Kosovars have joined the so-called ISIS Islamic State. Some of these people were killed during the fightings in Syria and Iraq, while more than 100 of them have returned to Kosovo and are facing prosecution, while others still remain in Syria and Iraq. Those who have returned and those who want to return to Kosovo, want to re-socialize and reintegrate in the society.
But the integration of people who have been part of terrorist organizations and fought in Syria and Iraq is considered a problem, because Kosovar society is not accepting these people, even if they are rehabilitated. This is because Kosovar society don’t trust extremists, and the population feels endangered by the presence of ISIS returnees, despite the fact that they can express their regret for their actions in the past.

Therefore, Kosovo’s institutions, civil society and religious authorities in Kosovo should develop clear strategies and plans on institutional and social measures in relation to persons who have returned and those who are planning to return from war zones of Syria.
It is necessary to create institutional modalities for the re-socialization and the re-integration of Kosovars who have participated in the foreign wars, but the government must also monitor the suspicious activities of the former jihadists. Therefore, Kosovo institutions need to urgently build a model based on local capacities. We must also bear in mind that jihadists who are currently in prison may pose a threat, because violent extremist ideology can easily and quickly be spread in these facilities. This phenomenon is considered to have a pandemic effect, meaning that an indoctrinated person inside a prison can spread extremist ideology and recruit other people to join the cause. /foltash/

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