The extremists have destroyed everything they’ve touched

Centuries will pass and the horrible crimes of the ISIS terrorist organization will not be forgotten. In fact history will mark their genocide as the greatest disaster that struck humanity in the 21st century. In every place where the extremists have acted, that place has become a ruin and was washed in blood. The most recent example is Iraq and Syria, the countries that were affected the most by the madness of the extremists. The war that took place there was like a bloodthirsty vampire war. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people were killed, while millions of others ended up as refugees. Iraq and Syria were once part of ancient Mesopotamia, which is considered to be the cradle of human civilization. As such, these places have had an extremely rich cultural and historical heritage. Old historical cities such as Hatra, Palmyra and Nimrud were completely destroyed by extremists, leaving behind only ruins. The extremists also have destroyed countless religious objects, such as churches,monasteries and mosques. The devastating hand of extremists demolished well-known libraries where thousands of rare manuscripts of ancient books were burnt down. So everywhere that extremists went, there was only destruction, fear, torture, and death. So we as Foltash raise our voice against extremism because we do not want our dear homeland to fall into the devastating and murderous hands of extremists who hate humanity and everything that is civilized. Albanians have suffered and sacrificed enough for their homeland, and we’ll never let it fall in the hands of the terrorists nor it will become their place of refuge.

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