Read the Qur’an with your eyes and not with the eyes of the extremists

Others before us have always read the Qur’an by paying attention and meditating. But they have read it with their own eyes and have understood it from their point of view. When they commented the Quranic texts, they’ve paid attention to the arabic language and the historical context. There are two aspects of the Quranic verses; the historical context and the general one. It is not in conflict with the Qur’an if we read it with our eyes, one can be enlightened only through their own eyes. If we practice the Quran today based on how others understood it,then the possibility of us being wrong is greater. It’s a mistake to think that it’s been read by our predecessors and now we don’t have to read it. They read it for themselves and in the time they lived. If our predecessors read the Quran, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have to read and study it, we can’t say that they have read it for us. We mus be especially careful nowadays when there are different ideologies that operate under the guise of religion.

Which religious norm can force one to understand life with someone else’s mind! Each person has its own views and objectives in life. Objectives cannot be accomplished by subjecting to other people’s perspectives. The search for knowledge is a human and Qur’anic duty. This makes it possible to create personalities who have a healthy eye, and who have their own opinions, these people reflect positivity and don’t impose their views to others. The ideological organizations that promote religious extremism have managed to extend their influence by brainwashing others and serving them their opinions. This must end, society must invest in education of generations that would build their modern and prosperous future. Only a good education will prevent our society from extremism.

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