Labeling something Islamic does not make it Islamic

Just because you are religious does not mean that you are right. Desiring to implement Islamic values is always noble, but having a meaningful and effective strategy is indeed most significant.
Forcing other is never an acceptable resort and certainly not the first resort; especially since our religion commands us not to use compulsion as a tool.
Just because something needs to be done does not mean that anything that is done is okay; and just because something is done in religious fervor does not in any way prove that it is Islamically correct.

Qur’an: says:
There shall be no compulsion in [ acceptance of] the religion. The right course has become clear from the wrong. [2:256]

It is very important to emphasis that just because an act is labeled as Islamic, doesn’t mean that the Islamic religion accepts or invokes those actions.
Actions that are in conflict with Islamic religious principles, are considered illegitimate.
Not to mention great sins, such as murder, injustice, and tyranny against people that is done in the name of God, in the name of the Qur’an and the religion of Islam.
The killings of innocent people, which is done by mentioning God, does not mean that God permits these actions and that it is Islamic.
Rather, committing such macabre crimes by calling ‘Allahu Akbar’, will only bring the curse and punishment of God upon those who try to stain God the Most Merciful and his righteous religion .
God sent the Qur’an and the Islamic religion to equip us with morality, honesty, to ennoble us, to teach us love and compassion and teach us not to hurt or kill any of God’s creations

Quran says:
“Whoever takes a single life without justification is as if he has killed the entire humanity.”

The Prophet further warned, My intercession will not be availed two categories of my community; an oppressive/unjust ruler and a rebellious extremist. I warn you regarding extremism, because communities before you were destroyed due to extremism
Some deviant people are committing acts in the name of Islam which are contrary to the fundamental of our faith and are denigrating the name and image of Islam.
We mus remember the words of Prophet Muhammad: “A Muslim (one who proclaims faith) is that person from whose hands and tongue other Muslims are safe; A Mu’min (one who manifests faith) is that person in whom humanity find safety and security regarding their lives, property and honor.”
The Prophet further advised … God is kind and loves kindness in every matter, and kindness has been granted capacity which violence could never attain.

May God protect the innocent from the injustices of the self-righteous.

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