FOLTASH will always be an antidote to the Wahhabi virus

23600153_10210679978575098_719172471_o3 The fact that more than 300 people from Kosovo went to Syria to join the ISIS terrorist organization, shows what a great damage can religious indoctrination do to a nation. Wahhabi ideology, which is the theoretical doctrine of extremism and terrorism, brainwashed young Albanians from Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia. We, as the staff of Foltash portal, have always been aware of the damage that Wahhabi ideology has brought to our country. So seeing the endangerment of the welfare of our people, and the tendency for the destruction of religious and national values, we have raised our voice against the damages of extremist ideologies. Foltash has always exposed and debunked violent religious ideologies and we will continue to do so.

Despite the threats and insults we receive, we will continue our mission against extremism, and we will be the antidote to the Wahhabi virus that is trying to infect our society. Foltash will always be close to our people, and with all our capacity we will be in the service of the nation and our country. We are against those who instrumentalize religion and who try to engage in violent ideologies under the guise of religion. We’ll never stop fighting extremism. Our primary concern will is our country and our nation. We will continue to promote our great values as Albanians and as believers. We will not tolerate ideological viruses to harm our people, our country, our nation, our faith or our well-being. /foltash/

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