The FOLTASH portal has been around for several years now. Seeing the need for a professional media, and accurate, fair and impartial information, this portal has been established in order to be close to the citizens and Albanian people wherever they are. The editorial board of this media consists of a group of intellectuals, scholars and publicists, who are professionals of various fields. Authors of articles and editorials are professionals from the field of science, theology, linguistics and philosophy. Our editorial board and our associates try to continuously address topics that concern citizens, as they are always in the course with actuality. The spread of confusion among the people by different anti-national and anti-religious doctrines and ideologies, has made us take the initiative to provide correct information to our citizens.

We were constantly concerned about the spread of radical and extreme ideologies in Kosovo. As a result of these ideologies, our society was shocked by the fact that more than 400 people went to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS organization, an organization that is internationally known as terrorist. So seeing the terrible consequences of radicalism and extremism in Kosovo, we have taken the initiative to raise awareness among citizens about these consequences that cost the lives of so many Albanians. Despite the fact that our initiative and we as publishers were insulted and threatened by those who don’t wish any good to our country and our nation, the people in general welcomed our initiative and we have many followers on social media and a lot of regular readers, and their number is increasing day by day. Our media activities have not been limited to just the virtual aspect.

The FOLTASH portal has continuously organized various activities and we are always beside our people. Through our awareness initiatives we have distributed material that informs and warns people against the danger of radicalism and extremism and how they can protect themselves from it. Several times we have organized a roundtable discussions, where in cooperation with civil society we have discussed about preventing radicalism and dealing with extremism as a phenomenon in our society. Also as a media we have tried to promote interfaith dialogue, aiming for the peace, harmony and cooperation between Albanians of the three monotheistic religions and highlighting our Albanian national values. Albanians have a common nation, homeland, blood, flag, language, culture and tradition, so we aim to unite around our values that we possess as a nation. We want to emphasize that no attack, insult or threat will stop us from keeping on with our mission and we’ll always be alongside our people and we’ll always work for the good of our beloved homeland.


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