Don’t waste your future with false causes

False causes have tendencies to use religious beliefs to spread evil ideologies. All religions in their fundamental principles, value the human being as something special that has so many values. Religious beliefs or divine revelations are dedicated to people and it’s the people’s right to accept or deny the divine call. Embracing a religion is a choice. Those who consciously and willingly embrace a certain faith must prove their beliefs in practice, the calling of his faith for peace, love, and compassion. Nevertheless, those who are misinformed about their religion, they have tendencies to ruin the society and their families. Members of Islamic Faith must be respectful toward society and toward human values. Some people say that they believe in the Quran, but in reality they don’t practice it, they do not know anything about it, and they misuse it against people.
Terrorists like Isis jihadists use the Quran to justify their atrocities. The fact that hundreds of men and women joined Isis, tells us about a brainwashing process that manipulated people through misinterpretation of the religious texts. Hateful preachers turned people against their families and against society. Those who got brainwashed went with their families to Syria, saying that they are fighting for Allah. They trusted the so called Caliph who later betrayed them and left them wandering through the desserts of Arabia. How can one care about ISIS, Syria, and Iraq, more than about his family, parents, relatives and country! How can one possibly forget his mother and father that raised him! These individuals denied the rights and joy to their parents to see their children grow and prosper. So many people got killed, while many others ended up in prison, and left their children without parents. People must understand that Isis and the Caliph were a fraud. Don’t lose your future and your families by believing in false causes./foltash/

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