Why has religion become so business like?

23600153_10210679978575098_719172471_o3 Because of some unscrupulous people who have exploited the religious sentiments of the general public, religion is turning into a business. Religion is like a medicine. It is meant to cure us spiritually. Just as the field of medicine can become a breeding ground for quacks or false doctors who are unqualified and who can’t cure patients, the field of religion can become a breeding ground for preachers who are not spiritually qualified and who can’t help people spiritually. Infact, religion can be much more easily exploited because most of the people don’t even know what the purpose of religion is. “We do as we are told, this is what our preachers teach us.” This is the stereotypical mindset which we develop.

There is no real spiritual connection between people and God. Due to which, believers often treat a holy person as anyone who wears a sacred-seeming dress, or does some wise-sounding wordplay. Seeing the gullibility of the people, many unscrupulous people enter into the field of religion and become self-styled clerics. And these clerics want people to see them as representatives of God. They want their followers to worship them for and fleece their doting worshippers of hard-earned money. These preachers are not interested in loving God or in helping other people to love God.

They love only their own bellies and bank accounts and egos. Such people have perverted much of what goes on in the name of religion into an exploitative business in the name of God. Beside the exploitation of the poor believers, preachers got also enriched from the donations that were given for the propagation of destructive platform they serve. Such people have deformed religion, modified it according to their personal interests, and transformed religion into business. At the same time, the ongoing tours of the Wahhabi preachers throughout Europe and asking for money after every Friday prayer, clearly shows that the priority of these individuals is money.

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