What are the reasons for different fatwas from scholars?

21397209_275553156293320_132346506_nWhat are the reasons for different fatwas from scholars?

Answer: All praise is due to Allah and peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, his family and Companions. Diversity of fatwas is good. Even the Prophet’s companions had different opinions regarding some matters. Those who are familiar with Islamic law, think that this diversity is a blessing. There reasons for this diversity are as follows:

1. Different opinions regarding the meaning of certain ayats and hadiths.
2. Difference on acceptance of hadiths.
3. Different understandings and views regarding “Fiqh” Islamic law.
4. Different traditions on which verdicts are based.

These are the main reasons for diversity, but this is not dangerous, since the pillars of faith and pillars of islam and worship are the main ones, and all the scholars agree on these issues. Differences regarding smaller and secondary issues doesn’t concern Muslim scholars. They play the role of councilors when it comes to implementation of sunni doctrines. Scholars of different madhhabs (law schools) rely on different doctrines. On Saudi Arabia, they rely on Hanbali law school, in Syria scholars rely on Hanafi school and scholar of Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, rely on Shafi law school, since the majority of the population follow this doctrine. We respect all law schools “Madhhabs”, since they all derive from prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. All scholars who teach in law schools (shariah), respect them and teach according to them. “I believe that it is a good sign, if a believer acts upon one of these sunni doctrines”. God knows best. /foltash/

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