The tendecy of acculturating Albanians by misusing Islam

23600153_10210679978575098_719172471_oFrom 1999 onwards, after the heroic war and the liberation of our country from the occupiers, certain groups of religious scholars from abroad, spent all their effort to attack everything good that was cultivated among Albanians, both, from religious and national aspect.

They focused to eradicate Albanian values, customs, traditions, beliefs and culture, from two aspects.

First they did this through their writings, their predications and posts on social networks and whenever they saw an opportunity to spread hate among believers and always by supposedly to protect Islam. Islam and faith cannot be protected by hating other God’s creatures like you.

First they began spreading hatred among practising believers in the mosques, by completely changing the form of prayer, prayer and unity that always prevailed in our society. They misused the mosques that were built by traditional believers, the mosques that were built with their own money and that were maintained by them.


They used methods that were completely different from Albanian tradition of practice of Islamic religious rites. They changed believers’ appearance, the form of prayer, they became aggressive towards those who did not obey them, and so they continued until the people opened their eyes and saw their dark purpose.


Later on, they began regarding themselves as representatives of the Creator on earth.

They only told stories that said to be from Islam, tales that were not Quranic stories but which were used to obscure the unity, peace, love and tolerance among Albanians of all faiths.

For them, the predications of some foreign scholar was more important than the teachings of our scholars who taught patriotism and freedom to the youth and the citizens of our beloved country.

They questioned the national history, they insulted and ignored, telling their “listeners” that the history of the Albanian nation was fabricated.

By misusing Islam, you are insulting the religion, you want to stain the Albanian culture and history. You have insulted the people’s patriotism and their respect and help for others.

You can not fool a people with your innocent appearance, while you hide your evil intentions.

Despite their poverty, oppression and suffering for centuries, Albanians have never backed down and they didn’t allow to be humiliated, as they will not allow to be humiliated now, they will not surrender to the dark ideological mission which you propagate and for what you are getting paid.

Editorial – FOLTASH

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