The call for jihad, from the comfortable armchairs

23600153_10210679978575098_719172471_o3Truth hurts and most of the people don’t want to hear it. Many countries in the Middle East failed because of the widespread evil ideologies, which were brought to them by those who wanted to see the believers divided. There’s no nation in the world that has been in constant fighting and that has been victorious. Those who are in continues conflict and wars can never win. We must understand that this war has been brought by the corrupt people with their divisive fatwas (Islamic verdicts).

Because people listened to the fatwas of fools and ignorants, they became enemies of one other. Everything started with malicious religious fatwas, where divergences turned into quarrels, and so the social polarization degraded into war and cruelty. The issue of giving fatwas is a matter of high sensitivity, as it can do a irreversible damage. Imam Malik said: I don’t give a fatwa if I don’t have the approval of 70 scholars for my fatwa. Nevertheless today, just because some people go to the mosque or because they grow a beard, they begin making religious decisions. This is why Muslims are lost and why they are confused. Because religion has been hijacked by ignorants who have acted in the name of religion. These individuals are not people of religion. These are the enemies of religion, they harmed Islam more than anyone else. These individuals constantly called for jihad and these calls were made from their comfortable armchairs, surrounded by all the goodness of this world.

These “scholars” who talked about the value of jihad and martyrdom did not go to fight themselves, nor did they send their children to fight, they sent the young men they had manipulated. Of course, they were preoccupied enjoying the wealth that they received from spreading the extremism. They were busy doing ‘first class’ trips while the lives of innocent people got destroyed, the lives of innocents that they helped destroy. Islam is not about leading, so others have to follow like lost sheep.

Oportunists fooled believers with fairy tales, guaranteeing them the rewards of the hereafter, as if they had the keys of Paradise themselves. Oprtunist ignorants who proclaimed themselves scholars and muftis, were enriched by causing divisions and wars. This is not the religion of Mohammed p.b.u.h. This is disgusting opportunism. Therefore, we must be vigilant and never let our children fall prey to the manipulation of the malevolent. We should never fall prey to the oratory of extremists who try to manipulate the sincere feelings of believers. Because everything these individuals do, they do it to get rich and do not care about the believers. The fatwas of these individuals caused conflicts, wars, horrendous crimes and the bloodshed of innocents, and most of these victims were Muslim. Those imams that call for peace, harmony, modesty, and against violence and bloodshed, they get attacked, and are regarded as infidels. We as media have been insulted and threatened repeatedly, just because we warned people about religious misusers and because we raised our voice against extremists. But we will never retreat or surrender, we will continue to fight these abominable phenomena, and we’ll always be beside our people and we’ll continue calling on genuine religious and national values.
Editorial – Foltash

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