Syrians are fleeing from their country, while Albanians remain in it

23600153_10210679978575098_719172471_o3 A new wave of refugees is headed to Kosovo, coming mainly from the Middle East and Africa. It has been said that for the eventual arrival of refugees, institutions of Kosovo have come up with a plan on how to deal with this situation. By allowing a mass migration of refugees, particularly those from places where religious or political violence is endemic, we open ourselves up to possible threats. Oftentimes we cannot perform proper screening or background checks on these refugees so we aren’t able to distinguish legitimate refugees from terrorists. Not all people who are fleeing dangerous situations are innocent victims. Many undoubtedly are. But many, especially in places like Syria, are simply on the losing end of bloody ethnic and religious conflicts.

They may be fleeing for their lives, but had the outcome of these conflicts been different, they might be committing atrocities and it might be the other guys fleeing. The challenge of our refugee policy is, amid the complete chaos in the sending countries, to be able to sort out the innocents from those who may have ulterior motives. Dealing with refugees will be quite challenging for the law enforcement institutions, as they will not be able to distinguish the innocent from those with ulterior motives, whose aim is to take harmful action against us or other countries. At the same time, it is painful to think that the Syrians are fleeing from the war and are coming to Kosovo, while the Albanians voluntarily and consciously went there and even took their families with them. Now Syrian refugees will come to Kosovo or they’ll go to European countries, while Albanian families wander through the Arabian deserts, disappointed and hopeless about their future. Therefore let this fact serve as a lesson for all those who follow blindly their extremist imams./foltash/

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