Sunnis and Shias, their personal views and the freedom of opinion

23600153_10210679978575098_719172471_oWhat would a shia be if he had been born from sunni parents or vice versa, or what would a kurd be, if he’d been born as an arab, and so on. These are questions that make us wonder, do people really have personal views?! Why some people are born as Sunnis and they remain sunni? Some people are born as Shias and they remain shia, the same thing is with the kurds and vice versa. They all remain as they were born, so one might wonder, do Sunnis, Shias, Arabs and Kurds, really have personal views? The conflict between Sunnis and Shias on one hand, and the conflict between arabs and kurds on the other, continues to increase tensions between them. If one says that I have personal views, then one must agree that Sunnis might be right, or vice versa, the Shias might be right. If arabs and turks believe in their freedom, then the kurds have the right to be free as well. Hypothetically, if a shia were to be born as sunni, he would have sunni views, and if a sunni were to be born as shia, he would have Shias views and so on. Can the western democracy help and free the people from these inherited views? It is highly unlikely, because everyone would vote for their favorite candidates that come either from Sunnis or Shias, arabs or kurds, it all depends on the voters’ religion and nationality. If a sunni runs for office, even if he’s the best candidate, he won’t be voted by shias, just as as a shia won’t be voted by sunnis. Building e society based on inherited ideologies will not guarantee stability and security for the future. We can declare that we have personal opinions, but in fact this is just a wishful thinking. The arabs, kurds, sunnis and shias should leave behind the inherited disagreements that produced only conflicts and wars. At the moment, the whole sunni vs shia conflict and the issue of personal views and freedom of speech, can be summarized into one saying: It is your right to accept only my view, and if I change my view than I don’t know what will you do.
Editorial – Foltash

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