Kosovo is still endangered by extremism

23600153_10210679978575098_719172471_o3 The ISIS terrorist organization, to which hundreds of Kosovars joined, has already been defeated. But despite their defeat, the violent extremist ideology continues to inspire young people. Young people who have been brainwashed by Wahhabi ideology are a threat to society. Because they can take violent and deadly acts against the citizens of this country. Just a few days ago, a man and a woman were arrested and accused of terrorism. Unfortunately this fact showed us that the danger of extremism and terrorism has not passed. The arrestees, G.SH and E.H, are charged for planning a terror attack.

The Court found that there is a grounded suspicion that the defendant G.SH intentionally appealed to defendant E.H to prepare terrorist acts in Kosovo, instructing her to commit suicide bombing against KFOR members in Kosovo and other crowds of people. The suspects are also suspected of smuggling firearms and other explosive supplies for the purpose of committing terrorist acts. But only thanks to the investigation by the Kosovo Police, these persons were apprehended. A real tragedy was prevented. But what if the police couldn’t have prevented this case or if we fail to prevent some other cases in the future? These savage extremists can easily take harmful actions against our people and our international friends who saved us once from terror. This is the great danger of ideologies, since after it is spread, it is very difficult to destroy them.

Therefore, there must be a strong commitment to fight extremism and radicalism. Initially, the burden falls on state and religious institutions, but we must also have awareness initiatives from the religious clergy and the intellectual elite. The Foltash Portal has for years raised its voice against extremist ideology and has consistently undertaken awareness-raising initiatives. The Kosovar society must say stop to the Wahhabi barbarism, we are Albanians, we are not terrorists and we don’t kill each other. No one should allow anyone to threat and harm our people and this country for which our martyrs have sacrificed their own lives, just so we could be free and not have to live in fear from terror. Those who trample over the sacrifice of our national heroes will be cursed forever

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