Kosovar Families in Syria Celebrate Ramadan in the Ruins of War and Terror

23600153_10210679978575098_719172471_o3 The blessed month of Ramadan is approaching and knocking on the doors of Muslim believers who kindly await this beloved guest. Arrangements have already been made while the festive atmosphere is everywhere. But unfortunately this is not the case with the Kosovar families in Syria. These families for several years now do not celebrate the blessed month of Ramadan in Kosovo, nor with their family members. Kosovar women of the fallen jihadists and their orphan children, will spend another Ramadan under the ruins of war and terror. The destruction that was caused by their family members, who left Kosovo for ISIS.

Kosovar families, rather than waiting to enjoy Ramadan together with their family members, they are in wandering in the deserts of Syria. Spouses of the fallen jihadists and the innocent children are suffering and are paying dearly for mistakes and the foolishness of those who thought that by destroying the lives of people and their families, they are worshipping God How can it be that in a country and a society that claims to be fighting supposedly to raise Islam, the month of Ramadan has no value ?!

This shows that the butchers do not know and do not want to know about mercy, especially during this period of Ramadan which is distinguished for charity, peace, and mercy. Every principle of Islam is violated, but we still hear from extremists the call to worship the word of God. It is painful when we think that Kosovar children are growing up and thinking that extremist ideology is Islam. It is painful to remember that Kosovar children do not know about the warmth of family, for which the month of Ramadan is characterized. Rather than eagerly expecting the feast of Eid, in the dusty faces of children there is only desperation, for which the responsible are their own fathers. In this month of mercy we pray for the well-being of these children, and we hope that the Kosovar families will experience never again this kind of suffering. Those who propagated extremism and called to go and fight in Syria, today with their families are surrounded by luxury, while innocent children are starving.

This is what we feared and we have warned about this, but we hope that justice will be done. We already saw that Wahhabi-extremist groups don’t care about Islam nor for Muslim believers. Extremists are evil opportunists who grew richer from the misery of Kosovar families and spread only suffering in this world. Because of the extremists, today families from Kosovo rather than celebrating the blessed month of Ramadan at family tables, they are awaiting this month under the ruins of war and terror, in the Arab deserts and in the mercilessnes of the terrorists who say that they are spreading Islam, but in fact their actions have nothing to do with religion, they are actually enemies of it. /foltash/

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