Kosovar children in Syria are paying for their parents mistakes

23600153_10210679978575098_719172471_o3What began as a civic resistance against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime in 2011, soon degenerated into a terrible war where terrorists’ horrible crimes of left the world in shock, while people were l terrified from the horror they were witnessing through television. But in spite of this fact, 317 Kosovar’s went to join ISIS terrorists who by terrorizing innocent people claimed that they were building an Islamic state, to whom they referred to as the ‘Caliphate’. Over the last few years, it was reported that many Kosovo jihadists got killed, including those who went with their families, their wives and their children. Many of these individuals who went to Syria to fight, went so far with their madness, caused by brainwashing indoctrination, that it didn’t suffice they were going themselves but they also took women and children with them, like the success of the state of terror that they called caliphate, was depending on them. Many Kosovar’s children are now paying for their parents’ mistakes. These individuals can only be called biological parents, because true parents strive for their children’s safety and give them everything, not put them at risk. Muhammad (pbuh) said: The child is the fruit of the heart and a flower with the fragrance of Paradise. The people who sent their families to Syria have violated Islamic values and prophetic sayings. These individuals failed in every aspect. They failed to care for their families. They lost their lives, leaving women and children at the mercy of terrorists.

They’re wives got enslaved by their comrade terrorists. They wiped the smiles from their children’s faces. They deprived them from game and joy. They deprived them from education. They’ve left their women and children wandering deserts into the unknown. These indoctrinated individuals have constantly attacked those who criticized people for going to Syria, while on other hand, they glorified the extremist imams who indoctrinated them. They accused the traditional imams and Foltash’s staff that they were disbelievers, and now they have realized that their imams and they were the ones who betrayed the Islamic values. They said that the imams who speak against extremism are ignorant, but now we see who was vigilant and who was ignorant. Imam Hasan al-Basri said: The difference between scholars and the ignorant is that the scholar sees the danger of evil before it happens, and the ignorant sees its damage only after it has happened. Unfortunately for some people now it’s to late because they did not want to listen what we told them in time.

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