Enslaved women of the fallen Kosovar jihadists

23600153_10210679978575098_719172471_o3 How did hundreds of Kosovars end up in Iraq and Syria, respectively, to become part of the notorious ISIS terrorist organization ?! Some went because they were attracted to the violent extremist ideology, and some went hoping that they would be living in an Islamic utopia. And so because of the euphoria of fools and the manipulated, today there are Kosovar families in Iraq and Syria, there are women and children we know very little about their fate. Many Kosovar women of fallen jihadists remain widows, left with young children. Such women without protection have been taken and enslaved by those whom their husband once called Muslim brethren. Terrorists enslaved the spouses of their Kosovar “brothers”.

They turned the Albanian woman into a property with whom they do what ever they want. They enslaved them because their foolish husbands, conscientiously handed them over to Wahhabi predators. We saw that these predators don’t care about Islam because their “jihad” was to satisfy their animalistic lust. Now Kosovar women in Syria have seen the tragic mistake their spouses have made. Some of the Kosovar women went with their own will, and some went because they were forced by their brainwashed spouses. It is disgusting when we hear about the inhumane treatment of women by the terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

These monsters allowed the rape of women on allegedly Islamic grounds. Assuring them that they will have as many women as they want, terrorists attracted young people from around the world to join ISIS. And so by killing, raping and committing horrible crimes, they created hell in the bloody land that they call it sacred. That insanity and hell are sacred, this can only be heard by extremists. How many parents are suffering for the fate of their children, their daughters, about whom they don’t know any? However those who have caused the destruction of the lives of women and children, will be the disappointed ones in this life and hereafter

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